Sucker Rod Guides

Oil States Sucker Rod Guides are designed for use in artificial lift (pumping) wells to eliminate the internal tubing wear caused by the sucker rods. The sucker rod guides minimize costly metal-to-metal contact between the sucker rods and tubing. The guides also function as bearings by centralizing the sucker rods in the tubing string. Even when the tubing buckles during upstrokes, the guides help prevent contact between the rods and tubing. Friction is also reduced, which raises the overall pumping efficiency. Oil States Sucker Rod Guides are available in both snap-on and twist-on versions.

Key Features

  • Tubing wear is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Pumping efficiency is increased.
  • Sucker rod coupling wear is reduced.
  • Snap-on guide (Nitrile).
  • Twist-on guide (Amodel).


  • Rod pumping wells
  • PCP Wells