NEMS new value/first value and process indicator system

  • New value/first value messsage
  • 16 alarm inputs open-circuit current/closed current
  • Isolated inputs and power supply Line voltage 24V DC or 230V AC
  • Relay outputs for collective fault and Watchdog circuit
  • Fault / operation messages
  • Safety interlock circuits for direct connected wiring
  • To connect to an alarm system with max. 1024 alarm inputs via LSB
  • Display- and operation terminal for visualization and history function via LSB
  • 2nd RS232 interface  for connecting a radio clock
  • RS232 interface (optional) for connecting a PC with configuration software
Technical Data
Power supply

24 VDC or 230 VAC

Communication interfaces

RS 232 (optional)
PROFIBUS DP (optional)

Relais outputs

2 Relais with floating contacts, freely programmable

Indicator function resolution1 … 127 ms, (100 ms NEMS230)


Black sheet steel, size 72 x 144 x 200 mm
for instruments panel mounting
Panel cut-out, size 138 x 68 mm
Total weight ca. 1,1 kg
Protection class IP40 at the front (optional IP54)


Contactor voltage24 VDC or 230 VAC

The NEMS is a new value/first value and process indicator system consisting of individual NEMS16 devices, each with 16 indicator inputs. By networking via a LAMTEC system bus, it is possible to create an indicator system with a maximum of 1024 signals (64 individual devices). Each indicator input (DC18-30V) can be converted to fault or process status signal as well as normal open or closed contacts and is displayed by means of a luminous, three-colour LED on the front panel.

When an indicator input is switched to the active state, the relevant LED changes over to a flashing light or a continuous light.

It is also possible to print out the signals in chronological order via a serial logging printer or a display and operating terminal connected at the LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS.

The device contains a real-time clock, which is synchronised with another NEMS16 in the system.


  • Process monitoring
  • Monitoring of safety interlock chains in combustion engineering
  • Chronological recording and processing of fault values and operating data
  • Coupling to standard field bus systems (e.g. Profibus) is possible as an option
  • Logging and further processing in conjunction with higher-level computer systems
  • Decentralised recording of locally distributed signals
Selection Criteria


Housing Type  Accessory
Panel installation  Radio clock
Design as 19″-rack

  Field bus link

   Digital output module
   External horn
   Message text and configuration software