STP600 Triplex Plunger Pump

The STP600 Triplex Plunger Pump, a horizontal single-acting pump, consists of power end, fluid end and gear box. The gear box can be installed on either  the right hand of left hand side of the pump and can be installed in any one of 17 defferent input shaft locations to facilitate repairing. The fluid en dis precisely machined from high strength one-piece alloy steel forging and can be fitted with different sizes of flunger, with high horsepower, high pressure, compact structure and light weight etc. The STP600 is designed for well service applications such as high pressure cementing and small-scale fracturing.

Model STP600 STP600S
Max. input power 447kW(600hp) 447kW(600hp)
Max. rod load 445000N(100000 lbs) 445000N(100000 lbs)
Stroke 152.4mm(6″) 152.4mm(6″)
Max. SPM 450rpm 450rpm
Gear ratio 4.61 : 1 4.61 : 1
Overall dimensions 1626x1366x607mm 1292x1366x607mm
LxWxH (64″x53.78″x32.28″) (50.87″x53.78″x32.28″)
Weight 2492kg(5489 lb) 2155kg(4751 lb)