Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump

Subsurface Sucker Rod pump is one kind of major equipment for petroleum extraction on oilfields. They have the advantages of anti-corrosion, high resistance to wear and tear, reliability, durability and high pumping efficiency.

The inner surface of the pump barrel is processed with carbonization quench and chrome plating technology and the plunger surface is processed with thermal metal spraying technology. The pump meets the requirement of long stroke. high speed and deep producing and has the advantages of high pumping efficiency. large displacement ,wear and corrosion resistance,long operation and easy repairing.

 These high quality standards have given our pumps a fantastic reputation for reliability throughout the oil industry.

Pump bore sizes range from 1” to 4 ¾” diameter with mechanical, cup type (chevrons) or friction type hold downs available in a variety of materials to suit specific well conditions.

typeMajor Technical Data
Diameter(mm)Barrel Length (m)Stroke Range (m)Length of Extension Pub Joint(m)Thread for Tubing(in)Connecting sucker rod
Rod Pumps31.82.11.5-60.32 3/8CYG16 7/8CYG19
44.452.70.92 3/8CYG19
Tubing Pump313.01.5-7.80.32 3/8CYG16
38.14.52 7/8CYG16
44.454.82 7/8CYG16
57.155.72 7/8CYG19
69.856.02 7/8CYG22
6.63 1/2
82.557.33 1/2CYG25
95.259.13 1/2CYG25