STP350 Triplex Plunger Pump

STP350 triplex plunger pump is a horizontal singlea-acting pump widely used for cementing, small-scale fracturing and circulating operations. It is mainly composed of PG series power end and T series fluid end. Power end: model PG05, housing welded of steel structure, Fluid end: 5″,4-1/2″,4″,3-3/4″ plungers for different pressure and displacements.

Max. input power 265kW(350hp)
Max. output HHP 224kW(300hp)
Max. rod load 489412N(110000 lbs)
Stroke 127mm(5″)
Max. SPM 350rpm
Gear rasio 4.32 : 1
Overall dimensions 1760x1178x805mm
LXWXH (69.29″x46.28″x31.7″)
Weight 2050kg (4520 lb)