Rotaflex Pumping Unit

Rotaflex® Long-Stroke Pumping Unit
Delivers high-performance rodlift in deep, high-volume,and problematic wells
 • High-volume and high-load wells
 • Deviated and horizontal wells prone to sucker-rod and tubing failure
 • Heavy oil or high gas-to-liquid (GLR) wells
 • Alternative to electric submersible pump (ESP) systems
   Features and Benefits
 • The Rotaflex pumping unit enables the transition to reciprocating
   rod-lift earlier in the production life cycle
 • Unit arrives at the wellsite 90% preassembled for quick setup
Optimized gear reducer combined with an efficient unit geometry

requires less torque and reduces power usage by 15 to 40%
  • Speed sentry monitors and records all pumping events and serves as
    an intelligent link to connected optimization systems
 • Platform and rear-access doors above the gear reducer provide
access away from the load belt for efficient maintenance
 • Platform kick plates and grate prevent dropped objects and slips
 • Ladder system enables easy access to critical components
 • Large maintenance doors eliminate confined space issues and
   enable simplified maintenance; large front platform enables easy
   access to load counterweights
 • Integrated hydraulic rollback system moves the unit at least
  12 ft (3.6 m) away from the wellhead for easy access to the well
 • Monitoring system analyzes unit vibration, belt tracking, rod load, and
   rod position with parameter-based alarm and shut-down capabilities
Pumping Unit Description
The Weatherford Rotaflex long-stroke pumping unit delivers a long
stroke up to 366 in. (9.3 m) for efficient pumping in deep, high-volume,
and problematic wells.
The long, slow pump stroke allows more time for fluids to enter the
pump intake, which increases pump fillage and lifting efficiency.
The long stroke, efficient counterbalance system, and unique unit
geometry also increase system efficiency and energy savings.
By reducing cycles and reversals by 40 to 60%, the unit lessens rod-ontubing wear, minimizes downhole failures, and substantially lengthens
sucker-rod and downhole-pump life.

Stroke Length887.37654.5
Peak Polished Rod Load
min-1 Max of Strokes Per Minute4444455
min-1 Min of Strokes Per MinuteVery Low
Counterweight Base6.
Counterweight-Max Aux8.
Shipping Weight26.52219.216.515.512.011
External Size(L×W×H)7.4×2.6 ×13.47.4×2.4 ×13.46.6×2.4 ×12.46.1×2.1 ×11.85.5×2.1 ×10.85.5×1.9 ×8.95.2×1.9 ×8.2
Shipping Size(L×W×H)13.4×2.6 ×3.113.4×2.4 ×2.812.4×2.4 ×2.811.8×2.1 ×2.610.8×2.1 ×2.58.9×1.9 ×2.58.2×1.9 ×2.5
Motor power75755545372218.5
kN·m Torque of Gearbox37373726261813
Working Temperature-40℃~+50℃
Electromagnetism Automatic Braking SystemYesYesYesYesYesN/AN/A
Note: Automatic Braking System is available according to the customer’s requirements.