Gas Butterfly Control Valve

  • Gas butterfly control valve not linear
  • Ring butterfly control valve not linear
  • For all LAMTEC control drives
  • Form-fitted, available on demand
  • Gas family 1, 2 and 3
  • Max. temperature: 60°C
  • Operating pressure: dependingon the diameter, 1 bis 6 bar
  • WARNING: The gas butterfly control valve is an inter-flange valve. It must not be used as a shut-off valve.
Tecnical Data
TypeGas butterfly control valve
HousingIron casting
Butterfly diskSteel galvanized
ShaftMS DIN 17660
Seal of the shaftNBR-O-Ring
Operating pressure6 bar
Differential pressureDN25..DN50 ⇒ 4bar, DN65..DN100⇒ 2bar, DN125..DN200 ⇒ 1bar
Leakage rate without stop bar1% approx. of Kvs-value 90°
Quality inspectionEG type approval CE-0085AS0134
InstallationFor clamping between flanges according to DIN PN-16
Kv-valuesPlease refer to Downloads / Technical data sheet

Depending on situation and area of use, LAMTEC offer gas butterfly control valves in different sizes. Depending on acceptable head loss, various opportunities are available for controlling flow rates within aperture angles of up to 90°.

Selection Criteria
Gas butterfly control valved (*complete with console, coupling, groove pin and mounted on actuator)
Article-No.*SizeShaft (mm)Fits to driveDrive shaft (mm)
662R2344V6 DN25 Ø 106Nm 662R2127Ø 10×25
662R2346V6DN32 Ø 106Nm 662R2127Ø 10×25
662R2348V6 DN40 Ø 106Nm 662R2127Ø 10×25
662R2350V20 DN50 Ø 1020Nm 662R2111/NØ 12×30
662R2352V20DN65 Ø 1020Nm 662R2111/NØ 12×30
662R2354V20 DN80 Ø 1220Nm 662R2111/NØ 12×30
662R2356V30 DN100 Ø 1231Nm 662R2112Ø 12×30
662R2358V30 DN125 Ø 1231Nm 662R2112Ø 12×30
662R2360V40 DN150 Ø 1540Nm 662R2121Ø 12×30
662R2362V40 DN200 Ø 1540Nm 662R2121Ø 12×30

Control valves (*complete with console, coupling, groove pin and mounted on actuator)

Article-No.*SizeShaft (mm)Fits to driveDrive shaft (mm)
662R2360/ESDN150Ø 1530Nm 662R2112 Ø 12×30
662R2362/ESDN200 Ø 1540Nm 662R2121Ø 12×30
662R2368/ESDN350 Ø 2550Nm 662R2122Ø 12×30

Depending on applications, the shown combinations (control valve/actuator) may differ.