Ignition Systems GFI

  • Fuel: natural gas, LPG (liquid propane gas), coke gas, refinery gas
  • Thermal power up to 3MW in special design up to 6MW
  • Flame length up to 3m
  • Intermittent- or continuous operation
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Protection class IP 65
  • Available for hazardous Areas
Technical Data
Supply voltage:220 – 230 VAC (-15/+10 %). 50/60 Hz
120 – 127 VAC (-15/+10 %). 50/60 Hz
Ignition voltage:8 kV
Power consumption:100 VA ignition transformer
≤10 KV flame scanner
Electrical connection:Plug with mating caonnector (standard)
Plug with mating connector with pre-assembled cable
Cable permanently connected
Cable length:2 m – 100 m, Standard = 5 m
IP protection:IP 65/IP 67
Housing:Sea water resistant aluminium (standard)
stainless steel (1.4301/1.4571)
Coating:Non (standard)
C2/C4 painting (option)
Tube length:

240 – 6.000 mm

Tube:Stainless steel 1.4301, heat resistant end tube1.4841 (standard)
Stainless steel 1.4571 heat resistant end tube 1.4841 (option)
Fuel gas:Natural gas, propane/butane (standard) coke oven gas, refinery gas (option)
Fuel gas supply pressure:50 – 200 mbar above combustion pressure (standard) Orifice for higher pressure (option)
Air suppl pressurer:Depending on the size
Cooling air flow:Depending on the size, at least 50 % of combustion air flow




For SIL 3 flame monitoring device F130I:



Pilot burners are necessary to secure ignition of main burners in the application of industry furnaces and combustion plants. The GFI model series in its standard design will be delivered with an integrated ignition transformer, ionisation electrode and ionisation flame scanner (both SIL 2 certified and EC type approved).

GFI models in their standard version, are approved for intermittent operation. The SIL3 flame scanner and protection class IP 65, this basic version can be applied almost anywhere.
The integrated components as well as material selection allow for use as a pilot burner. Through the application of SIL 3 flame monitoring, operator‘s requirements with regards to a modern, up to date safety technology can be met.

Selection Criteria
 Thermal Power [kW]Tube Diameter [mm]Tube Length [mm]
240 – 6.000